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Zero-sum mindset in container shipping


A new whitepaper on how to improve the relationship between Carriers and Freight Forwarders highlights the counterproductive behavioural patterns in container shipping and suggests a different way forward.

Wind for Prosperity

Vestas: Wind for Prosperity

By cross-mapping global wind currents and health data, Wind for Prosperity is in the process of bringing energy to more than one million people in developing countries over the next three years.

Next practice consulting

Next practice management consulting combines the ability to tackle and solve complex problems with the ability to engage and mobilise client organisations to deliver lasting impact. Read more


In the past two decades, employment within the Danish manufacturing industry has fallen significantly. Every third job is gone. Quartz+Co scrutinises the state of manufacturing in Denmark. Read more.


Faced with the challenges of change, many companies choose a formalised strategic business development set-up. Our book on Business Development Management published in 2007 is still relevant. Read more

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Iconicity is a self-invented word referring to the iconic moments that we experience externally as well as internally. It combines various combinations of Magnitude, Courage and Coolness. In this universe, you can find pictures and videos from some of these moment. Go to Iconicity

The Big Blue

A public declaration of the aspirations and values of Quartz+Co in two parts. It is a snapshot of what we strive to be and become – an illumination of our current translation and interpretation of our values and aspirations. Read more

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